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Lottery, Lottery, Lottery!!!!

Оригинал взят у beautifulhunte1 в Lottery, Lottery, Lottery!!!!
Hi everyone!

We'd like to give one of our fabulous Crocs™ shoes to the winner of the lottery.
Terms of the lottery:
1. You post this topic on your lj (you can use the repost button or simply copy the topic).
2. You reply to this topic with a link to your post.
3. We check the link and give you a lottery number.
4. On June, 04  2012 we will conduct a lottery and pick a winner number with a help of generator.

We would like to present to the winner of the lottery any pair of Crocs™ shoes he chooses from our store's assortment.
The cost of a prize is limited up to USD 35$.
Every participant will get a surprise!

       GOOD LUCK!

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